Plastic products have become an integral part of our lives. Over 150 million tonnes of plastic is produced worldwide every year. Such immense productions also lead to enormous pollution, details of which are found in the report by Central Pollution Control Board given below:



Rapid economic growth is leading to urbanization and industrialization thus generating waste in abundance that adversely affects our environment. The Khwaja Study Report mentioned below throws more light on this issue.

Khwaja Report


India, with a population of over 1.21 billion accounts for 17.5% of the world population (Census of India 2011). Percentage of plastic waste in Municipal Solid Waste has increased from 0.65% in 1999 to >9.8% in 2005, to ~12% in 2011, and is expected to go up to 20% by 2024 with subsequent impact on the environment.  IIT Delhi report below throws more light on this issue at hand.

IIT Delhi Report