International Reports


In 2008, Oladapu Ashiru published a review on the health hazards titled ‘Reproductive Health Magazine’, which talks about the effect of usage of PET bottles on the fertility of both men and women.  The report, abbreviated as ASRM, gives us a detailed insight into it.

ASRM Report


In the research paper ‘Toxic Free Canada’ carried out in 1989, suggested that consumers in North America witnessed a small product innovation that propounded negative consequences around the world. PET bottle usage has been multiplied to trillion times, becoming a permanent fixture to the planet.

Toxic Free Canada


The potential of plastic packaging to introduce endocrine disruptors into foods and beverages has gone largely unrecognized until quite recently.



As per the study carried out by the University of Gothenburg, plastic is extremely diverse in terms of chemical composition, properties and possible applications. In the last fifteen years the global annual production has doubled, reaching 245 million tons in 2008.

Univ. of Gothenburg

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