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Plastics – the most common substance in our day-to-day use is perhaps the most harmful of them all. It is causing irrevocable damage to our systems and disrupting our well-being. And the worst part, it is still going unnoticed. Fact says – Plastics cannot be disposed entirely. The tetra-packs which stores milk, the PET bottles which stores cold-drinks, fluids, juices among other liquids and many other such plastic containers are indeed all harmful. With a little caution from our end, we can avoid falling prey to this danger. After all, healthy living is happy living.

Recycling is a Myth

The non-biodegradable material can never be recycled; in fact, the process of plastic recycling is never complete. PLASTIC IS DOWN-CYCLED! It is made up of small polymers, which further gets degraded, and very few plastic materials can be reclaimed for their original purpose. The down-cycled plastic products require extra treatment to further degrade.

Simply put, this means that plastic may start its life as a milk carton in your fridge, but if recycled it will most likely end up as cheap accessories, plastic furniture or trash cans in landfills.