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Health Hazards Research Reports

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Red alert on environmental toxins: Citizens, beware (Article by Oladapo Ashiru)

The rising trend of indoor plastic waste has resulted in the increase of toxins in body that are causing multiple health hazards Download Report

Polyethylene Terephthalate May Yield Endocrine Disruptors (Report by Leonard Sax)

The study reveals that endocrine disruptors are leaching from PET bottles which is a serious concern Download Report

Environmental toxins may take a toll on newborns: Navi Mumbai study (Medical study conducted by Dr. Arbinder Singal and et al)

This reveals that plastic bottles are leaching environmental toxins in our bodies that are taking a toll on newborns Download Report

A tale of two colleges: is it really controversial to advise mothers about potential health effects of chemical exposures? (Paper by Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologis

This study explores the fact that evidence has been found that reducing toxic environment agents should be a critical area of action for reproductive health care professionals Download Report

The toxic footprint of PET bottled water in British Columbia (A Report by Sean Griffin)

This study explores the toxicity and the negative impacts of PET bottled water and the things that we, as commoners, should be really aware of. Download Report

Environmental and health hazards of chemicals in plastic polymers and products (A Study conducted in University of Gothenberg)

This study finds that several of the chemicals used to produce plastics are hazardous for human health and the environment Download Report

Minutes of the 71st meeting of Drugs Technical Advisory Board (Meeting Minutes of Drugs Technical Advisory Board)

Among other agenda, the members were made aware about the effects of plastic pollution, especially from PET bottles, and suggestions of the actions to be taken Download Report

Contamination of Bottled Waters with Antimony Leaching from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Increases upon Storage (Study by Shotyk and Krachler)

This test aimed to find out the leaching effect of Antimony and its concentrations in plastic bottled water. Antimony concentrations, upon completion of the test, was determined in 132 brands of bottled water from 28 countries Download Report

Antimony Leaching from PET plastic used in bottled drinking water (Study by P. Westerhoff and et al)

This test aimed to find out the precise concentrations of Antimony or Antimony Trioxide in plastic bottled water. Upon completion of test, significant concentrations of the contaminant was found Download Report

Endocrine disruptors in bottled mineral water: total estrogenic burden and migration from plastic bottles (Study by Wagner and Oehlmann)

Commercially available mineral water was thoroughly analyzed in an in-vitro system with the human estrogen receptor alpha and significant estrogenic contamination was detected in the samples. Download Report

Assessing human exposure to phthalic acid and phthalate esters from mineral water stored in polyethylene terephthalate and glass bottles (Study by Mountouri and et al)

In this study, analysis of different types of phthalate compounds were done in a large number of Italian bottled water samples. These samples showed different concentrations of phthalates are nearly 20 times higher in samples bottled in PET than those from glass bottles. Download Report

Effect of Environmental Conditions On The Migration Of DI(2-Ethylhexyl)Phthalate From PET Bottles Into Yogurt Drinks: Influence of Time, Temperature, and Food Simulant (Study by Farhoodi and et al)

In this study, the migration of di(2ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) from PET bottles into the Iranian yogurt drink was investigated. Download Report

Investigation of carbonyl compounds in bottled waters from Poland (Study by J. Nawrocki and et al)

In this study, the migration of carbonyl compounds from PET bottles into mineral water were studied and a significant concentration of the same was found in the samples Download Report

Migration of formaldehyde and acetaldehyde into mineral water in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles (Study by M. Mutsuga and et al)

In this study, the levels of formaldehyde (FA) and acetaldehyde (AA) in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and in commercial mineral water were analyzed. All the water samples were found to have detectable concentrations of the contaminants Download Report

Content of Heavy metals and DEHP in packaged plastic bottles (Report by Plastic Hazards Committee, GOI)

This study, in five pharmaceutical preparations, determined the concentration of heavy metals like Lead, Antimony, Cadmium, and Chromium and DEHP presence in packaged plastic bottles Download Report

Migration Testing of Metals and Phthalates from Plastic Bottles in different samples (Report by CSIR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research)

The study determined the migration strength and potential of selected metals and phthalates from the plastic containers to the materials stored in them Download Report

Single Use Plastic (Waste Wise School Program, Australia)

- (A report on what is single use plastic, what are the steps to reduce it, and how reduction measures of the same can be undertaken in schools). Download Report

Solid and Liquid Resource Management—Plastic Waste Management (Swachh Bharat Mission, Government of India)

- A study and report on plastic waste management in India, national guidelines for PWM Download Report

Single Use Plastics- A Roadmap for Sustainability- (United Nations Environment Programme)

A document on single use plastics, its lifecycle description and the health and environment impacts, disposal methods, waste management, and its alternatives Download Report

T20 Task Force Circular Economy: Circular Economy measures to keep plastics and their value in the economy, avoid waste, and reduce marine litter (G20 Insights)

- Measures that enable a transition to a circular economy to avoid waste and reduce marine litter due to plastic wastage Download Report

- Plastics, marine litter, and circular economy (Institute for European Environment Policy)

A documentation on single use plastics usage in Europe, the wastes generated and the challenges, and how circular economy aims to combat this Download Report

What is Single Use Plastic and Why is it a Problem? (PLASTIC FREE CHALLENGE)

An informative report on what single use plastics is and the challenges they pose Download Report

Evaluation of the migration of mutagens/carcinogens from PET bottles into mineral water by Tradescantia/micronuclei test, Comet assay on leukocytes and GC/MS (Study by D. Bicardi and et al)

This study monitored the release of mutagenic/carcinogenic compounds into mineral water (natural and carbonated) from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, using a plant mutagenicity test and the result showed significant results of the presence of carcinogens/mutagens in the samples. Download Report

Public health impact of plastics: An overview (Article from Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi)

This study explores the ways in which plastic is causing numerous health hazards to us Download Report
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