Chemical Migration

The diffusion of chemical substances from packaging into food and liquids endangers people’s health. The migration amount of these chemical substances increases with the time and temperature, but the diffusion process for different kinds of packaging materials differs much. Some of the most harmful chemicals like antimony and phthalates are knows to migrate from PET bottles and that alone poses a big threat to several lives.

Unknowingly, one ends up consuming minute plastic materials or polymers through plastic containers. This process of plastic materials entering the human body is known as the leaching process. Even heating food in plastic seems to transfer harmful contents into human body. Migration also increases when plastic touches fatty, salty, or acidic foods.

Phthalates (DEHP, DINP, and others) cause endocrine disruption, linked to asthma, developmental and reproductive effects. Ailments such as cancer, birth defects, hormonal changes, declining sperm counts, infertility, endometriosis, and immune system impairment have been noted by the researches in the report. Polyethylene (#1 PET) is a suspected human carcinogen. There are several other reports which affirm the harmful effects of PET bottles on human body.