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What Exact Health Hazards Conceal under Plastic’s Deceptive Hide?

In our last blog, we went deep into the environmental nuances of PET bottles. It was a descriptive account of how plastic bottle pollution affects the environment right from the start of its lifecycle till the end of its usable life. This blog aims to take on the alternate route. Instead of looking at the world around us, we bring to you a shocking account of the effect of these devils in our body. Plastic bottles harbour and carefully pet a lot of contaminants on its surface. The accumulation of these contaminants mainly occur during the faulty manufacturing process of the bottles. And owing to PET’s infamous leaching effect, these hazardous toxic elements climb down the stairs of the plastic bottle and enter directly into our body when we consume the constituents of the bottle. The potential hazards for our health are immense and simply jaw dropping!

The AIIPH Study A detailed study on the contaminants present in plastic bottles have been done by the Plastic Hazards Committee of India in the renowned All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health (AIIPH). The study, labelled as the research for heavy metal contents in constituents of plastic bottles was forwarded to the Government of India. The study carried out extensive testing of different PET bottle samples of soft drinks, oils, soda, fruit juices, alcoholic beverages, pharmaceutical preparations in phases. Upon completion of the tests, the paper surmised the findings and explicitly stated that PET contains small amounts of low molecular weight compounds that in most cases constitute potential toxicological hazards. This include especially DEHP and heavy metals that are highly toxic. Here’s a detailed account of the some of the major toxic elements found and the effect they can have on our body on prolonged intake—

The Evil Progenies of PET


Source- This element is widely used as a catalyst in the granule manufacturing stage

Health Risk - Carcinogenic in nature, cardiovascular ill effects (increased blood pressure, altered ECG readings and heart muscle damage). Dangerous impact on the reproductive system in both males and females


Source- Widely used as a colouring agent in PET manufacturing

Health Risk- Kidney damages associated with high blood pressure. This also affects the reproductive system in both males and females.

Cadmium Source- Used as a colouring agent in PET bottles

Health Risk- Ingestion of any significant amount of cadmium causes immediate poisoning and severe damage to the liver and the kidneys


Source- Used as a colouring agent in PET bottle manufacturing

Health Risk- Carcinogenic nature, significant dosages of Chromium gives substantial risk of lung cancer


Source- Widely used in the polymerization process of PET manufacturing, wherein its blended with the resin to achieve desirable characteristics

Health Risk- Endocrine disruptor, liver problems, and increased risk of cancer as DEHP is carcinogenic in nature. Already banned in many countries including France and Denmark

What to Conclude?

We believe in facts and stats instead of speculation. And, that’s why we strive to garner information from the most reliable sources and project the reality that’s plastic pollution or more specifically plastic bottle pollution. Within its ‘transparent veil’, these seemingly harmless elements have a lot to hide. It holds the key to gradual extinction of all lives and eventually this planet. Our mission to make you aware of this plastic reality has now turned into a determination to drive the billions in this globe to act against plastic in unison. What we have unearthed using our experiments is a catastrophe catalyst and to save our planet, we need to step up. The knowledge is before you all and you have two choices in your hands—either leave your next generations to die through your bad habits, or take part in creating a rejuvenated world free of plastic.

Here’s the link of the actual report—

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