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Avoid single-use plastic products & save the world

Plastic is one of the most durable and lightweight materials that can be used in most of the industries and no other material comes close to the material when compared in terms of features. Perhaps this is why the material has replaced many materials and has acquired a significant place in every household. However, two of the biggest drawbacks of plastic are that it is non-biodegradable and release harmful toxins that might be very dangerous for the lives on earth.

One of the biggest threats to the environment is single-use plastic products. Though plastic is durable, 33% of it is single-use plastics that are discarded fast. According to a study, 30 million tons of plastics are trashed in America every year and only 8% from that plastic litter gets into the recycling process. The rest of the plastic contributes to become landfills and release toxins, making the land barren.

If you thought that single-use plastic products were convenient and hygienic, think again. They contribute a lot as marine garbage and kill marine animals in an alarming rate.

PET bottles Well, single use plastic water pollution is one of the scariest types of pollutions in the world. More than 40 percent water that has been bottled, sealed and sold are just normal tap waters presented aesthetically in single-use plastic bottles. It has been contributing to the carbon-dioxide pollution for long as the whole process of manufacturing releases a lot of toxins & CO2. The bottles are then trashed in the water bodies or ends up contributing landfills. It is a sensible idea to carry a reusable bottle, perhaps made of materials other than plastic.

Single use plastic coffee capsules Coffee machines use coffee capsules that are made of plastic and after using, the coffee capsules go to the trash. In Australia, around 3 million coffee pods are used every day, which is enough to fill a mid-sized swimming pool. The scariest part of it is that most of them are non-recyclable.

Disposable cutleries When eating from a road side stall, we bother about the hygiene and so ask for disposable spoons, dishes, cups, bowls, glasses, etc. We seldom bother about the ill-effects of the cheap plastic materials that we are consuming and making our children consume. We often buy disposable cutleries for parties and get-togethers, just to feed our gusts some toxins and chemicals along with the food we serve. Of course, we seldom notice how harmful plastic cutleries are, which makes the material more dangerous. Instead, use lightweight wooden cutleries and carry them when you are going outside. Taking a green step is never bad for health.

Polythene bags Yes, the ‘single-use plastic bags’ are something that one must need to get rid of. According to a survey, more than a million of polythene bags are used per minute. It is easy to manufacture, easier to use but toughest to decompose. We can always have a better option than plastic, and surely for the plastic bags. You can carry your canvas or cloth bag to your grocery shopping and avoid using plastic carrybags as much as you can.

Sanitary napkins and other menstrual items One of the most important and irreplaceable items are sanitary napkins and one cannot avoid using it. However, the polythene material used in tampons & sanitary napkins contribute to the landfill and doesn’t decompose. However, one can always use reusable pads that can help us go green at least once in a month. You can also use the menstrual cup and reuse it for as many times you want.

So here are a few of the single use plastic products that can kill us in no time, and we must avoid using these items so that there’s lesser plastic litter in the earth. Let’s pledge to stop plastic usage so that to make the earth a better habitat for each and every living being. It’s never too late to take a green step, so act now!


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