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Plastic pollution has taken a toll on us in a way we have never seen or heard before. While it’s almost startling to comprehend the degree to which plastic has affected us already, comparatively newer studies are indicating more and more shocking facts! A report conducted in Navi Mumbai has revealed something that was almost incomprehensible even some years ago. Yes, it’s shocking. Not only has plastic pollution or plastic bottled pollution killing our environment in every possible way, it has entered into the very bio-system of our living world in ways previously thought impossible!

The Navi Mumbai Study

So, let’s cut to the chase. What is the case actually here? A careful medical research conducted among newborns in a well reputed Navi Mumbai hospital has revealed that environmental toxins are gradually affecting these newly born babies. So, to get deeper, what environmental toxins are exactly harming them? Well, you sensed it right! It’s mainly phthalates and Bisphenol-A that are causing the mess. And, yes, both of them are mainly found in plastic items.

So, what exactly happens? The study was conducted under the supervision of Dr. Arbinder Singal, a paediatric urologist at MGM Hospital in Vashi. Presented at the 24th Congress of the European Society for Paediatric Urology in Genoa, Italy, the research checked 1154 children for genital abnormalities due to environmental toxins. The results were, obviously startling!

A Shocking Revelation

Increasing exposure to endocrine disrupter chemicals such as phthalates and Bisphenol-A have driven a growing rate of reproductive dysfunctionalities in the tested children.  Exposures to these mainly plastic-borne chemicals have resulted in an alarming 200 percent increase of the undescended testicles.  This is exponentially alarming considering the fact that the last study, conducted few decades prior, had noticed only a 1.6 percent increase in the same! A careful extrapolation of the results shows that as much as 7 lakh babies born after the research could have undescended testicles!


There is something to heave a sigh of relief though. The doctors say that in most of the above cases, however, natural processes would correct the condition. But, here’s a catch. Still, more than two lakh babies would need a proper, high scrutiny surgery to correct this condition which is quite terrifying in itself. The researchers also claim another catastrophic fact. Unchecked conditions like this, if not surgically made correct, could lead to a bunch of other issues. Not only it could lead to a plethora of fertility and torsion problems, it could also lead to cancer that would be obviously fatal!

A Labyrinth of Disasters?

Well, this is not all. The research team also found out an overwhelming increase in another disease related to the reproductive system! The team found out a high incidence of the condition known as hypospadias! It’s a rare and terrifying condition in which the ‘pee hole’ on the penis isn’t quite aligned to the opening of the penis. An inspection of the increase rate of this disease translates to the shocking fact that almost 1 lakh babies born post the study could have this disease!

There is a key fact to take away from all of these. And that is, there are more things happening to us and the world than what occurs on the naked eye. Studies like these are only a start! It has only revealed one segment and a health hazard that plastic can cause. There’s a whole lot more waiting to be discovered. Plastic pollution or plastic bottle pollution is the main factor behind the release of environmental toxins in our health stream or food chain. And that is affecting our future generations. While it might seem quite harmless to see a plastic bottle, use it, and not notice any measurable changes, but there is lot more happening under the nose! Slowly plastic is crawling its way into everything that we know and is irreversibly harming on a scale that’s simply unimaginable. How would you possibly feel if your baby is born ‘plastic-impaired’ and in a world that’s seemingly paralyzed and also ending due to plastic? You can study in detail about the actual report in the link below-  



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